The PTSD Workbook for Teens: simple, effective skills for healing trauma

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Libbi Palmer

  • The PTSD Workbook for Teens
  • The PTSD Workbook for Teens
    This workbook will help thousands of teens take back their lives from traumatic memories and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related symptoms.

160 pages
Age Range: 13 to 19
ISBN: 9781608823215

Most children are exposed to a traumatic event by age sixteen, and while some may recover from the shock, many others struggle with the lingering flashbacks, hyper vigilance, and insomnia that are associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The PTSD Workbook for Teens is the first workbook for teens with PTSD and trauma-related difficulties. Incorporating cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy, and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), this approach helps teens work through their symptoms and make progress in overcoming them. Each worksheet and activity encourages teen readers to re-establish a sense of safety, manage their thoughts and feelings appropriately, remember and mourn their traumatic experience, and reconnect with a positive sense of self. Written by a psychologist specialising in trauma with over twenty years of experience, this workbook will help thousands of teens take back their lives from traumatic memories and PTSD-related symptoms.

Table of Contents

A Letter from the Series Editor



Section 1: An Introduction to ACT Principles

  • Chapter 1. An Orientation to ACT
  • Chapter 2. Clinical Behavior Analysis and the Three Waves of Behavior Therapy
  • Chapter 3. Functional Analysis and ACT Assessment
  • Chapter 4. Relational Frame Theory
  • Chapter 5. What Is Case Conceptualization?

Section 2: The Fundamentals of ACT Case Conceptualization

  • Chapter 6. Conceptualizing Functionally
  • Chapter 7. Contacting the Present Moment and Perspective Taking
  • Chapter 8. Values, Commitment, and Behavior Change Processes
  • Chapter 9. Acceptance Processes

Section 3: Putting ACT into Practice

  • Chapter 10. Creative Hopelessness: When the Solution Is the Problem
  • Chapter 11. Bringing Mindfulness to Clinical Work
  • Chapter 12. Values Work
  • Chapter 13. Defusion and Deliteralization
  • Chapter 14. Willingness
  • Chapter 15. Acceptance and Change
  • Chapter 16. Pulling It All Together

Epilogue. Saying Good-Bye to Shandra and Rick

Appendix A. ABC Functional Analysis Sheet

Appendix B. Inhexaflex Case-Conceptualization Worksheet

Appendix C. Event Log

Appendix D. Suggestaflex