2nd Edition

The Processing Program - Level 1, 2nd Edition: Using Language Webs and Altered Auditory Input to Improve Comprehension

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Sandra McKinnis

  • The Processing Program - Level 1, 2nd Edition

359 pages
Age Range: 3 to 12
ISBN: 9781607230304

The NEW, REVISED 2nd Edition of The Processing Program - Level 1 helps students listen to and process increasingly complex directions and concepts. Level 1 targets 46 basic concepts and vocabulary words from the categories of singular and plural nouns, pronouns, sizes, colours, quantities, prepositions, and conjunctions.

The 2nd Edition includes:

  • Updated, full-colour illustrations
  • 11 new levels
  • 161 picture plates (42 more than 1st Edition!)
  • Additional concepts, sentence structures, and directions

Teachers will also learn how to use the Altered Auditory Input (AAI) technique to make commands easier for each child to process and how to teach this technique to the childs communication partners/parents.

The Processing Program, 2nd Edition (Level 1) is the perfect choice for children who have difficulty processing or learning basic language structures and concepts, including those with attention deficit disorders, auditory processing disorders, autism, and cochlear implants.

"This book is just: AMAZING !!!! it's so helpful, my son loves the pictures and me too."
- Sabra,  Montreal, Canada

"The pictures are very engaging to children and they seem to look foward to the excersise. I can see progress in that the child/chilren are using sub-vocalization strategies without prompt and seem to concentrate and focus on the task without frequent prompt. If there is improvement in other areas, remains to be seen."
- Joan M,  Bergen, NJ

"I have found this processing program to be helpful, with not only young children, but with those with other disabilities. I have used this with students with mental impairments as well as with autism spectrum disorder. It's systematic program makes tracking progress and language challenges easy to identify and apply focus."
- Debby F,  Kennesaw, Ga

"Not mentioned in the video demo, this product is also great for aphasia and other speech/language disorders. It is also a good product for teaching how to answer questions and a great product for children who are tested using the Preschool Language Scale (PLS-5).There are very few materials out there for aphasia for children, but this one is a keeper."
- Susan T.,  Toccoa, GA

"This product was exactly what I expected. I love how it gradually increases the difficulty of each task. I had always looked for a product like this and will be buying the level 2!"
- Alice R,  Tampa, FL

"This is a truly versatile product. I can use it with elementary and middle school autistic students, in different ways. I love this!"
- Deb K,  Long Island, NY

"I love this program, it is very functional for the students I work with and have been looking for something like this for a while, that is quick and easy to pick up and implement! Overall veeeeery satisfied!"
- Netta K.,  Baltimore, Maryland

"The Processing Program is the best tool I have found for working with my language impaired student's ability to comprehend oral directions of increasing length and complexity involving linguistic concepts. The color photos are engaging and printed on a very durable paper. This is my new favorite tool for working with language processing!!"
- Molly S.,  Pinehurst, NC

"I used this product last spring with a student with autism. The simplicity of the program's use made it the perfect accompaniment to this student's receptive language program. The program I was using was shared within our department. This fall I wanted to make sure I had ready access to the program so I purchased my own program. This is a product that can be used across a broad spectrum of students."
- Mary PW,  melrose, MN

"4 3/4 stars. This does exactly what it is supposed to do. The instructions are clear and complete. The progress sheet includes necessary info, particularly use of AAI techniques (rate, pausing, prosody). I use a more involved, older method of scoring (PICA) than the recommended +/- and it works just fine. My students (through third grade) enjoy the colored pictures. The only immediate drawback is trying to read and note/process for myself which items the child selected. I wish there were an easier way to do this, but cannot figure out one for myself. I am also concerned about how well the book will stand up over time. I have high hopes for my students and their improved auditory processing."
- Terry M.,  Orange County, CA

"This is a really cool book. The pictures are very vibrant and clean. My only concern is that the pages are very thin and I'm not sure how long it will stay in good condition. I guess we will find out after more use."
- Mark,  Texas

"I really like how this book moves up through specific levels for tracking progress. A new addition to my collection that I am going to use regularly"
- Anna C.,  Vancouver, BC

"This is a wonderful program that requires no prep on my part which makes it fit easily into my busy schedule in the schools. Kids enjoy these and I can easily take data."
- Danielle M.,  Apex, NC

"I originally ordered the first book of this program at my previous placement. I recently moved and knew I had to purchase the program, as it targets comprehension of basic concepts, following multiple directions, and helps hearing impaired students with both language and auditory processing. Thanks for a great product!"
- Lorren H.,  Michigan

"This has been helpful for students to learn words with visual aids."
- Kelly Smith,  Corpus Christi,TX

"Easy to use with a variety of kids with a variety of language goals. Good explanation for how to use at beginning of book."
- Cori S.,  Houston, TX

"This program allows me to demonstrate, teach and assess a number of language features, concepts, vocabulary, auditory memory, and simple to complex directions. It provides handy forms and a format from which it is easy to derive & report performance data. I work with a life skills classroom which serves 8 students who need to work on many of these skills. There are also many activities & levels applicable to my students who have learning disabilities. This has been a lifesaver--Thank you!"
- Mary MacDougall,  Santa Fe, NM

"This book is a life savor! It's extremely versatile! I've been able to utilize it with children with a variety of goals and diagnosis. I'd been looking for a book that could cover an array of language goals as quantity, prepositions, and conjunctions and this is the book! The children love the colorful large print book. I especially enjoy how this book has help me teach preposition/placement with a child diagnosed with Autism."
- Jo Ann Paz,  San Antonio, TX

"I love this program! It is so easy to use (no prep is a bonus) ... and my pre-school friends love it."
- Julie J,  Hayden, AL

"Great resource for multi-step directional activities and prepositions. I have already used it numerous times and love the colorful pictures. Kids get excited when I bring it out!! Thank you!!!!"
- Olivia S.,  Rockwall, Tx.