2nd Edition

The Incredible 5-Point Scale, 2ed: Assisting Students with ASDs in Understanding Social Interactions and Controlling Their Emotional

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Kari Dunn Buron, Mitzi Curtis

  • The Incredible 5-Point Scale, 2ed

97 pages
Age Range: 4 to 18
ISBN: 9781937473075

Does your child or student have a difficult time staying calm? Here's a simple yet powerful strategy and visual support system for addressing anxiety! The Incredible 5-Point Scale was one of the first practical supports for teaching students to become aware of their state of regulation. The 1-5 scale system is applicable for a variety of behaviours and responses to behaviours, including feelings of anxiety, obsessions, concepts of personal space and feelings of anger.

The Incredible 5-Point Scale: Assisting Students in Understanding Social Interactions includes stories suitable to be read to a child, visual scales and tips on how to implement the particular scale. The Significantly Improved and Expanded Second Edition of the now classic resource expands on the original scale by providing examples of how to use the scale across different age groups and functioning levels. New scales are designed for young children and those individuals with more classic presentations of autism, including an expanded use of the Anxiety Curve. Another addition is a list of goals and objectives related to incorporating scales in student IEP's.

Blank scales, small portable scales and scale worksheets are downloadable for easy duplication.

As in their other writings, the authors emphasise the importance of self-management and self-regulation, two evidence-based practices.