The Blob Anger Book

$77.99  Softcover
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Pip Wilson, Ian Long

The Blob Anger Book

ISBN: 9780863889165

When was the last time someone 'made you' angry?  It’s amazing just how many times in a day a situation arises that can 'cause us' to boil over.

Anger management is a way to become more conscious of how we react to a situation which triggers us to become angry. Identifying these trigger points is one way to break the pattern and preparing ourselves to change behaviour.

This book includes a wide range of scenarios and situations to enable identification of feelings and discussions about the most appropriate way to deal with them. Subjects include:

  • Blob Bitter
  • Blob Blame
  • Blob Humiliated
  • Blob Frustration
  • Blob Fight

As with every Blob tool the open approach provides an opportunity to discuss feelings and consider mechanisms for change.