Target Ladders Developing Co-ordination

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Sharon Drew, Kate Ruttle

  • Target Ladders Developing Co-ordination

84 pages
ISBN: 9781855036017

The Target Ladders books aim to support you in the following ways:

• Focusing on what a child can do, rather than what they cannot do, in order to identify next steps

• Presenting ‘small steps’ targets for children

• Suggesting strategies and activities you may find helpful in order to achieve the targets

• Giving you the information you need to use your professional judgement and understanding of the child in determining priorities for learning

• Recognising that every child is different and will follow their own pathway through the targets

• Giving you an overview of the range of difficulties experienced by children with a particular SEN. Not all children will experience all of the difficulties, but once you know and understand the implications of the SEN, it gives you a better understanding of each child’s learning priorities

• Providing a system for setting and monitoring targets