School Refusal

absenteeism & truancy
Absenteeism & Truancy
$117.95, Softcover (inc CD)

This comprehensive guide takes a multi-tiered approach to addressing absenteeism and truancy.

$86.95, Spiral Bound (inc CD)

A small-group intervention for middle and high school students who are at risk for substance use, aggression, truancy, poor school performance, and depressive moods

the attendance toolkit
The Attendance Toolkit
$74.95, Softcover (inc CD)

Tried & tested activities to uncover the core issues behind poor attendance.

but what if...
But What If...
$25.99, Paperback

This therapeutic story focuses on worries about transition to secondary school and shares information & facts about mental health & transition

functional behavior assessment of absenteeism and truancy (fbaat)
Functional Behavior Assessment of Absenteeism and Truancy (FBAAT)
$445.00 Our Price - $409.95 Kit

This assessment and intervention system guides you to evidence-based interventions for individual students who are chronically absent or truant.

overcoming school refusal
Overcoming School Refusal
$24.95, Paperback

Practical advice on effectively managing students with severe behaviour problems due to prolonged exposure to traumatic home life

the school wobblies
The School Wobblies
$16.50, Softcover

The School Wobblies is for children who have difficulty going to school because they are frightened or worry too much.

understanding school refusal
Understanding School Refusal
$38.99, Paperback

Provides plans & strategies for education, health & social care professionals for identifying and addressing this problem.