Strengths in Circles

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Russell Deal, Sue Roffey Australian author

  • Strengths in Circles
  • Strengths in Circles
    Brings Circles technology alive: for both experienced & novice practitioners, with an explicit strengths-based approach to facilitation

ISBN: 9781920945794

Circles technology is a much-loved approach to group facilitation that is used in school classrooms, dispute resolution, mediation, juvenile justice, reconciliation processes and restorative justice practice. Group workers and facilitators around the world have adopted Circles processes.

And now here it is: the world’s first hands-on tool that identifies 42 key elements that sit at the hub of Circles conversations. These are the values or ground rules that build cultures of respect into Circles work. Based on Sue Roffey’s 'ASPIRE' acronym, Strengths in Circles is built around 6 essential themes:

  • Agency
  • Safety
  • Positivity
  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Equality

Each theme names 6 key values that can be discussed, interpreted and considered for adoption as ground rules by any group. Watch the dynamics of the group evolve within the sphere of these values!

Strengths in Circles takes an explicit strengths-based approach to facilitation and brings Circles technology alive – for both experienced practitioners and those just stepping into running groups.

"I wholeheartedly recommend this card set, particularly to educators. I hope it will find its place in schools to give guidance and focus to the strengths advocated in this incisive and exemplary resource."
- Bill Rogers, PhD, educational consultant