Story Stunts Board Game, 2ed

Age Range: 7 to 12
ISBN: 9791586508165


Story Stunts Board Game, 2ed: An Extreme Board Game for Narrative Development

$69.95, Game
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Peg Hutson-Nechkash

Players will have a blast as they circle the extreme-sport board game to identify and sequence story grammar elements and build complete stories! Increase your students' understanding and use of narrative skills with this motivating and "tricky" game. As students skate around the park, they acquire and trade story grammar elements to build a complete story and collect additional game gear by making repairs to those stories.

Teach story grammar elements such as:

  • Setting (character, place, and time),
  • First event,
  • Response,
  • Goal,
  • Plan,
  • Attempt,
  • Outcome,
  • Ending.

Story Stunts includes: Game board, 6 story map templates, 6 game pawns, 36 trick cards, 30 each of the 8 colour-coded story grammar strips, Die, Game manual with reproducible recording form. 2 to 6 players.