Star Lab

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  • Star Lab
  • Star Lab
    The Star Lab kids travel from planet to planet to find rocks, plants & other things that might be useful to people. Action packed hi/lo readers

48 pages
Age Range: 9 to 16
Level: 2nd Grade Readability

Ella, Kimi, and twins Franklin and Edison live on the space ship Star Lab 3 with their scientist parents. The Star Lab crew travels from planet to planet to find rocks, plants and other things that might be useful to people. When some of these things turn out to be dangerous, the Star Lab kids must take action!

  • 95% of the words used are drawn from the 1,200 most commonly used words in English, both decodable and sight words.
  • 5% of the words are story specific and are defined in context and used multiple times.
  • Text is highly connected to promote fluency and comprehension.

Set of 5 books

Runaway Food:

  • Someone keeps dumping food all over the ship, and the kids are getting blamed. When they try to find out who’s really at fault, it puts Kimi in danger.
  • Lexile:360

Lighter Than Air:

  • Something is causing the kids to float. It sounds like fun until they realize they can’t control it. Will they ever be able to walk on the floor again?
  • Lexile:390

The Green Boy:

  • Star Lab 3 takes on two passengers—and one of them is a green boy. Are he and his mother aliens?
  • Lexile:330

The Bones:

  • Kimi’s mom is studying a skeleton of a large bird-like creature. Even though it’s really old, it smells wonderful—and that becomes a big problem.
  • Lexile:340

The Vines:

  • Star Lab 3 has landed on a new planet with amazing plants. Are the amazing plants safe? The Star Lab Kids find out the answer the hard way.
  • Lexile:380