Sound Awareness Workout

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Tom Matthews, Academic Communication Associates

Sound Awareness Workout

Age Range: 4 to 8
ISBN: 9781575030340

The activities in this book are designed to facilitate the development of phonological awareness as children participate in a variety of sound oriented tasks. The worksheets can be used with children who have experienced limited success in classroom reading programs or with beginning readers.

Many children demonstrate low levels of phonological awareness prior to formal reading instruction. Growth in phonological awareness is stimulated by classroom reading activities. Phonological awareness training can be incorporated quite easily into the classroom curriculum. By helping children to acquire a high level of phonological awareness, greater success is likely to be experienced in early reading instruction.

This book is divided into three sections:

  • Listening Workout for Sounds and Syllables. Activities are included in which the child compares sounds, identifies differences, blends sounds to create words, identifies syllables in words, etc.
  • Sound Contrasts. The activities in this section help children to recognise voicing contrasts.
  • Find the Sound. This section includes picture worksheets in which children are asked to identify words that have sounds in common.

Although designed primarily for use in phonological awareness training, the activities in this book can also be used to strengthen auditory memory, listening comprehension, use of context cues, verbal reasoning, categorisation, storytelling, and other skills. The activities challenge students to recall words presented auditorily, to make comparisons, and to use words in a variety of ways.