Social Skills Training: For Children and Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and Social-Communication Problems

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Jed E Baker, Brenda Smith Myles

  • Social Skills Training
  • Social Skills Training
    Covers everything from assessment and strategies for social skills training to behaviour management and peer acceptance through sensitivity training. Includes over seventy lesson plans and activities.

ISBN: 9781931282208

Whether it's learning how long one can look at somebody without being accused of staring; how to shift topics, despite one's desire to stick with that all-consuming special interest; how to say no to peer pressure; or dealing with a sensitive topic - it's all here... and more. In this comprehensive and user friendly book Jed Baker, PhD, translates years of experience working with students with Asperger Syndrome and social-communication difficulties.

Social Skills Training For Children and Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and Social-Communication Problems includes brief introductory chapters on skills to target, instructional strategies, behaviour management, promoting generalisation, etc., as well as a special chapter by Brenda Smith Myles on relevant characteristics of autism spectrum disorders.

The essence of this must-have resource follows: 70 of the skills that most commonly cause difficulty for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and social-communications problems. For each skill there is a reproducible skill handout, as well as activity sheets listing ways teachers and parents can demonstrate, practice, and reinforce the skill in the classroom and at home.

A concluding chapter on promoting peer acceptance offers sensitivity training programs for both students of various age groups and school staff, making this a complete social skills training package for students of all ages.

"Dr Baker's clinical expertise and personal concern for individuals with Asperger Syndrome is evicent throught this wonderful book. The chapters contain many easy-to-use strategies to make and keep friends, specific examples for various age groups, and clear direction for assessment and intervention. This book is an essential resource for professionals who want to increase all students' social and coping skills within individual and group sessions and in everyday life."
- Suzanne Buchanan and Jenna Miller, The New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community (COSAC)