Shrink-Rap Set: set of 6 books

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Chris Wever, Neil Phillips Australian author

Shrink-Rap Set

This popular set of 6 books are written by leading Australian mental health professionals for children and those working with them. Neil Phillips' lively and humorous illustrations make these sometimes tough subjects easier to approach. The six books in the set are:

  • Full of Beans - a book about ADHD for kids
  • The School Wobblies - for worried kids with "school phobia"
  • The Secret Problem - explains OCD (Obsessive Compulsive) to kids
  • The Panic Book - about panic and how it can be treated and beaten
  • Too Blue - tackles tough topics like suicide in a clear & helpful way.
  • Lost in a Mind Field - simply explains the confusing topic of psychosis
Shrink-Rap Set
set of 6 books
Full of Beans
Softcover $22.00Cart+
The Panic Book
Softcover $26.00Cart+
The Secret Problem
Softcover $22.00Cart+
The School Wobblies
Softcover $22.00Cart+
Too Blue, 2ed
A book about depression and other mood disorders
Softcover $26.00Cart+
Lost In A Mind Field
Schizophrenia and other Psychoses
SoftcoverSample Pages $26.00Cart+