Show Me The Data!: Data-Based Instructional Decisions Made Simple and Easy

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RinaMarie Leon-Guerrero, Jaime Martin, Chris Matsumoto

  • Show Me The Data!
  • Show Me The Data!
    A comprehensive compilation of data sheets to help make that once-dreaded task simpler.

Age Range: 4 to 18
ISBN: 9781934575734

Data collection is one of the critical elements of an effective, efficient, and accountable program that supports student development and learning. However, many intervention teams struggle to develop reasonable and sustainable methods of gathering information about student performance and progress.

Now comes Show Me The Data! This must-have resource consists of a brief discussion on data collection accompanied by a CD containing a comprehensive compilation of data sheets to help make that once-dreaded task easier and simpler. The data sheets are of two types:

  • generic forms appropriate for students of any age and/or ability and
  • forms focusing on specific skills appropriate mostly for young children or children with significant cognitive delays.
  • forms may be customised for particular programs and individual students.

Data sheets are provided on the following domains: adaptive, behaviour, cognitive, communication, general, motor, routines/directions, social.

Finally, to help teams figure out what to do with the data once they have been collected, samples of completed data sheets and easy-to-use graphs are included as a model for how teams can display their data visually and evaluate the effectiveness of intervention and efficacy of their program and/or intervention.