Seeing Red

$24.95  Softcover
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Deberea Sherlock, Aisling Mulvihill Australian author

  • Seeing Red
  • Seeing Red
    Some children are ‘quick to anger’. They feel and act at the same time. Use this book to help your child take control of anger and feel good again.

50 pages
Age Range: 6 to 11
ISBN: 9780992311841

Hi I'm Felix! I'm a little ant whose antennae fire up!

I am a great guy but I guess you could say that I am quick to anger. I really enjoy spending time with my friends and I usually get along with others. I don't want to lose my temper; its just that I have trouble controlling myself when I get mad. When I am teased, when I lose a game, or when I am asked to stop doing something I like doing, I fire up! When this happens I might hurt others with my words or actions. I don't always stop to think about the consequences or how my actions affect others, I just act! Because of my quick explosive reactions, others might avoid me or push my buttons.

By reading this story to a child you are facilitating a conscious knowledge of the skills of self-calming. This is a complex process that requires a child to be aware of the connections between uncomfortable body sensations, unhelpful thinking patterns that fuel anger, and the angry actions that follow. Self-calming is a key life skill that promotes emotional resilience and successful social interactions. Through Felix we meet a little ant character who experiences difficulty in this area. The impact of this difficulty becomes clear through a sequence of explosive events. Feeling and acting at the same time, Felix unleashes his anger in a matter of moments. Luckily the ever-helpful Hoppy Ant steps in guide the learning of skills necessary to overcome these difficulties. Children will enjoy this engaging story as they are introduced to the skills of self-calming.

Each book has explanatory notes for both parents and professionals, these clearly outline the rational for each new skill and the 'how to' in teaching the skill. At keypoints throughout each story, there are helpful hints to prompt discussion that guide the adult-child conversation.