Secret Boys' Business, 2ed

ISBN: 9780975011362

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Secret Boys' Business, 2ed

$16.95, Paperback
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Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson, Rose Stewart Australian author

Secret Boys’ Business provides practical information about growing up. It will assist boys in understanding the physical and emotional changes that take place at puberty. It has simple language and fun illustrations which boys will enjoy. The book dispels myths and misinformation and is suitable for boys in both primary and secondary schools.

This little book is especially good for younger boys and boys who don't like to read a lot. It has large clear text that is easy to understand and every page is full of amusing and colourful illustrations. There are also some handy hints for mums, dads, carers, and schools and teachers too.

This great little book provides comprehensive information about the physical, social and emotional changes to assist pubescent boys feel comfortable and confident about their bodies as they mature.