REWARDS Plus Social Studies, Classroom Set, 3rd Ed: (for 10 Students)

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Anita L Archer, Mary M Gleason, Vicky Vachon

  • REWARDS Plus Social Studies, Classroom Set, 3rd Ed

Age Range: 11 to 18

Reading Strategies Applied to Social Studies Passages.

REWARDS Plus builds on students’ familiarity with REWARDS word attack, fluency, and comprehension strategies and provides the extra, structured practice needed to cement gains and develop automaticity in authentic content area texts. With a focus on close reading of informational text, critical thinking, extended response items, and academic vocabulary, REWARDS Plus’ research-validated instructional approach ensures sustained growth in fluency, comprehension, and academic vocabulary. Ideal for struggling readers of all types, including Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, intervention, and English Language Learners.

REWARDS Plus: Social Studies, 3rd Edition is the perfect marriage of research-validated pedagogy, predictable classroom routines, and unique online supports for the teacher. Experience the impact with your struggling readers today!


  • Ensures transference of REWARDS word-attack strategies to social studies and science texts
  • Provides extra practice and builds students’ stamina and automaticity in content-area classes
  • Students learn to interpret and read advanced infographics, maps and timelines
  • Deepens reading comprehension through close reading of informational text
  • Builds content-specific vocabulary
  • Builds expository writing skills through short answer, summary, and extended response writing

Grades 6-8 and Intervention grades 6-12

 To implement REWARDS Plus: Social Studies, Student Books also are required, one per student.

Table of Contents

  • 1 x Teacher’s Guide (print + eBook)
  • 1 x Teacher license to the Online Teacher Resources (Lesson Displays, Lesson & Illustrated Vocabulary Displays, Prefix & Suffix Review Sheets, Check-ups, eBooks, assessments, and a video mini-course on high-quality direct instruction)
  • 2 x Instructional posters
  • 10 x Student books
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REWARDS Plus Social Studies, Classroom Set, 3rd Ed
(for 10 Students)
REWARDS Plus Social Studies, Teacher's Set. 3rd Ed
(Teacher's Guide Posters & license to Online Resources)
REWARDS Plus Social Studies, Student Books, 3rd Ed
(set of 10 books)