Pronoun Practice Pack: 6 Booklet Set

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Marilyn M Toomey

  • Pronoun Practice Pack
  • Pronoun Practice Pack
    Structured to provide dozens of occurrences of target pronouns, he,him, his, she, her, they, them and their.

Age Range: 4 to 7

Pronoun Practice Pack consists of five booklets telling of two children and their pets. The text in these booklets is structured to provide dozens of occurrences of target pronouns, he,him, his, she, her, they, them and their.

Also included is this booklet which contains twelve reproducible support pages.

In four booklets students will get to know Pam and Nick, the main "characters," as well as their pets, Amos and Tilly. Students will become well acquainted with Pam, Nick and their pets as they look at the simple, skillfully drawn pictures showing the children, their pets, families, homes and points of interest in their lives. In the fifth booklet, New Friends, Pam's and Nick's lives converge in a setting where they meet and tell each other about themselves.

The text in these booklets compliments the simplicity of the art. Sentences and groups of sentences include characters' names and corresponding pronouns. Sentences are simple, and generally relate to pictures. Students will come to associate each of the characters with their names and with the pronouns that repeatedly refer to them.

The reproducible support pages can be used to reinforce presentations and lessons as well as share with parents. Support pages follow three general formats. First, pages instruct students to "Talk about (character)." Here students should state single sentences such as those provided, focusing on correct pronouns. Next. students are instructed to "Write about

(character)." Here they should be encouraged to write the first word of each sentence, a pronoun referring to the particular character. Finally students are asked to answer questions about a character. Here they should answer questions containing correct pronouns. Picture cues are provided to help students recall the information needed to answer the questions.