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collins cobuild advanced learner's dictionary, 8ed
Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8ed
$57.00, Paperback

Covers all the words, phrases, and idioms that students need to master in order to speak and write effective English.

collins cobuild intermediate learner's dictionary, 3ed
Collins Cobuild Intermediate Learner's Dictionary, 3ed
$45.00, Paperback

Covers all the essential words, phrases, and idioms that students at this level need to learn, and provides help with grammar and usage.

collins cobuild primary learner's dictionary, 2ed
Collins Cobuild Primary Learner's Dictionary, 2ed
$29.99, Paperback

Specially created for primary school students, whose first language is not English, but who attend English-language schools.

cued articulation consonants and vowels set
Cued Articulation Consonants and Vowels Set

Originally devised to help severely speech and language handicapped children to see a sound and hear a letter by the use of easy and logical hand cues, Cued Articulation is an invaluable teaching tool.