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take action practitioner guidebook
Take Action Practitioner Guidebook

A comprehensive, user-friendly guide to the Take Action Program, detailing the assessment & treatment of child anxiety.

too stressed to think?
Too Stressed To Think?
$28.95 Our Price - $24.95

Packed with practical information and stress-lessening tools teens use the mind-body connection to stay cool and make smart choices when the pressure’s on

totally chill
Totally Chill
$41.00 Our Price - $39.95

With fun graphics & an interactive style children will learn & develop the crucial skills to manage stress independently, in an enjoyable way!

transforming stress for teens
Transforming Stress for Teens

A unique & interactive guide with practical skills to help teens beat stress by helping them get a handle on their emotions.

treating anxious children and adolescents
Treating Anxious Children and Adolescents

This handbook offers mental health professionals clear, detailed guidelines for effectively treating children and adolescents suffering from anxiety disorders, the most frequently experienced type of mental disorder in children and adolescents.