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be positive!
Be Positive!
$22.95 Our Price - $21.95

Guide young children to develop a positive outlook and discover how the choices they make can lead to feeling happy and capable.

be the boss of your sleep
Be the Boss of Your Sleep

Kids learn self-care techniques to help them fall asleep faster, stay asleep, deal with fears and discomfort & feel energised.

binnie the baboon anxiety and stress activity book
Binnie the Baboon Anxiety and Stress Activity Book

For children to explore issues relating to anxiety, worry, fears and stress & how to find ways to understand & overcome them.

blob anxiety
Blob Anxiety
$79.00 Our Price - $64.95

Use the uniqueness of the Blobs to to help people discuss and manage their anxieties

blue whale blues
Blue Whale Blues

When Penguin hears Whale singing the blues, he tries to help. But how do you stop a blue whale feeling blue?


Provides kids with an effective strategy for how to face things that worry them, by tapping their imagination to help feel calm, confident & BRAVE

brave mouse
Brave Mouse

A charming story of how Little Mouse learns that standing up for yourself, and being able to say 'NO!' to your friends, can make you a very Brave Mouse indeed!

but what if...
But What If...

This therapeutic story focuses on worries about transition to secondary school and shares information & facts about mental health & transition