Social And Emotional Learning


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the emotional life of your brain
The Emotional Life of Your Brain

Helps understand our own emotional responses, discover our unique emotional style & retrain our brains through mindfulness

emotional literacy
Emotional Literacy

Practical resource on how to help children learn to recognise, understand, share and manage a range of emotions

emotional problem solving
Emotional Problem Solving

Help children to explore their emotions through creative storytelling and dramatic play

emotional resilience storybook bundle
Emotional Resilience Storybook Bundle
$124.95 Our Price - $114.95

Five great storybooks to help children build their resilience and coping skills.

emotional wellbeing, 2ed
Emotional Wellbeing, 2ed

Practical & easily implemented ways to make a positive difference in the lives of young people. Research based.

empathy is my superpower
Empathy is my SuperPower

Help children learn about the importance of empathy and see the power it can have!

eq card game
EQ Card Game
$67.99 Our Price - $64.99

This interactive communication game has 150 cards to facilitate meaningful interactions with others, in the areas of behaviour, emotion and thought.