Non-Verbal Communication

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the classroom and communication skills program
The Classroom and Communication Skills Program

This program is brimming with effective ways to facilitate the learning of young children who are non-verbal/limited verbal and not table ready in a public school setting.


Best selling series of flashcard box sets that contain inspiring, professional materials designed to help develop both language & social skills.

colorcards prepositions 2ed
ColorCards Prepositions 2ed

The updated cards are great for building pre-language concepts, developing verbal comprehension & expanding expressive language.

communicating partners
Communicating Partners

Drawn from over 30 years clinical practice and research this book offers an innovative approach to working with late talking children (including those with ASD or Down syndrome) that focuses on developing relationships through mutual understanding.

communication board activities for special learners
Communication Board Activities for Special Learners

Use this resource to strengthen language skills related to familiar topics and daily routines.