Thinking, Listening Skills

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tell me how! tell me why! fun deck
Tell Me How! Tell Me Why! Fun Deck
$25.95 Our Price - $24.95

Dad has a tray of yummy cookies…. Tell me how he made them & why kids want them. Targets reasoning skills for students.

test of information processing skills (tips)
Test of Information Processing Skills (TIPS)
$310.00 Our Price - $295.00

Assesses how a person processes visual or auditory information, what & how it is retained, plus recall & semantic fluency

think compare and explain
Think Compare and Explain

Use the pictures and activities in this kit to help students develop thinking skills as they make comparisons and give explanations.

think fast in a jar
Think Fast in a Jar
$23.95 Our Price - $22.95

Build vocabulary & thinking skills with this fast-paced, play-it-anywhere word association game.

thinking adventures for the adolescent language curriculum
Thinking Adventures for the Adolescent Language Curriculum

The short stories and worksheet activities in this book offer meaningful contexts for teaching vocabulary and developing thinking skills.

thinking fun games for language
Thinking Fun Games for Language

This book includes reproducible activities that can be used to help children between 4 and 8 years of age develop language and thinking skills.

thinking power
Thinking Power

Help students with special learning needs improve vocabulary and verbal reasoning skills as they examine topics relevant to their interests and life experiences.

time to talk
Time to Talk

A practical book for practitioners who need to help children and young people with limited language and communication skills.