Thinking, Listening Skills

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learning process skills
Learning Process Skills

Written specifically for classroom teacher's, Dr Riley's outstanding work (based on many years of clinical experience) identifies and describes basic learning processes and gives informal classroom "tests" for spotting potential problems.

listen & learn connection
Listen & Learn Connection

Reproducible Worksheets. Geology, Biology, Astronomy, Literature, Functional Facts and History. The Listen and Learn Connection is a program consisting of 67 curriculum topic-centred lessons.

listen, think and remember
Listen, Think and Remember

A collection of activities, games, and reproducible worksheets for improving auditory comprehension and memory skills so that children with language disabilities can work more effectively in the classroom.

listening & remembering specific details
Listening & Remembering Specific Details
$56.95 Our Price - $54.95

Lessons for listening to short stories, to retain the details, and to accurately answer questions about the stories.

listening and oral vocabulary exercises
Listening and Oral Vocabulary Exercises
$67.95 Our Price - $64.95

Help students with communication disorders learn vocabulary using listening activities relevant to the subject matter of the classroom curriculum and their special interests.

listening and processing auditory directions
Listening and Processing Auditory Directions

To develop attentive listening skills, good comprehension of directions & develop auditory memory skills for remembering directions.

listening for absurdities fun deck
Listening for Absurdities Fun Deck
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95

The mother hen took good care of her baby octopus. WHAT?! That's absurd!! Teach your students to listen for absurdities with this hilarious Fun Deck. 54 illustrated, wacky absurdities.

listening from the beginning to the end
Listening from the Beginning to the End
$58.95 Our Price - $53.50

Create a listening situation that captures the students’ attention - must listen to the end to find correct picture.

listening lessons for the classroom curriculum
Listening Lessons for the Classroom Curriculum

Promote the development of listening comprehension skills as students listen to passages relating to ecology, careers, sea animals, and other high-interest topics.

listening lessons for the early elementary classroom curriculum
Listening Lessons For The Early Elementary Classroom Curriculum

In the elementary school grades, children spend much of the day listening to information presented by the classroom teacher. By helping children to listen effectively, teachers can facilitate the development of strategies that will enhance learning.

listening skills - scenes and sounds outdoor
Listening Skills - Scenes and Sounds Outdoor

A set of beautifully illustrated cards for matching scenes with an accompanying CD to match the sounds to the images.

listening, understanding, remembering, visualizing
Listening, Understanding, Remembering, Visualizing
$64.75 Our Price - $48.95

Exercises for learning to verbalise answers to questions, essential steps in developing language skills and in progressing in academic learning.

look hear!
Look Hear!

Can you match the sounds and images of brushing your teeth, sneezing, or even toast popping up from the toaster? This pack includes 35 familiar sounds (on CD), each of which is clearly depicted on a photo card.

look who's listening
Look Who's Listening
$123.50 Our Price - $99.95

Want to know a secret? (Shhh…) Look Who's Listening is really ten auditory games in one!

look, listen, & infer fun deck
Look, Listen, & Infer Fun Deck
$29.95 Our Price - $24.95

Improve critical thinking, auditory comprehension & inferencing with this 56-card illustrated Fun Deck