Thinking, Listening Skills

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the chatterbugs manual
The Chatterbugs Manual

A practical, proven program to develop communication skills of attention and listening, turn-taking and early vocabulary in children

childhood speech, language and listening problems, 3ed
Childhood Speech, Language and Listening Problems, 3ed

Does your child have trouble speaking or listening? This fully revised and updated edition of the essential guide explains what you can do to help.

choices in a jar
Choices in a Jar
$18.95 Our Price - $17.95

Spark lively conversation with dilemma cards that ask you to decide what to do, say, or choose.

colorcards cause and effect
Colorcards Cause and Effect

48 cards illustrating 2-step sequences of day-to-day events. Designed to help develop logical and critical thinking skills

compare & contrast double dice add-on deck with dice
Compare & Contrast Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice
$45.65 Our Price - $38.95

Help students identify similarities & differences between specific objects & boost critical thinking & categorising skills, with dice.

compare & contrast double dice deck
Compare & Contrast Double Dice Deck
$38.95 Our Price - $32.95

Help students identify similarities & differences between specific objects. Also helps boost critical thinking & categorizational skills.

critical thinking quick take along book
Critical Thinking Quick Take Along Book
$24.95 Our Price - $19.75

Pocket-sized resource for busy speech pathologists includes: cause & effect, correct the absurdities, exclusion questions

critical thinking- if/then double dice deck
Critical Thinking- If/Then Double Dice Deck

A motivating way for speech-language pathologists to work on the logical-thinking and problem-solving skills that many students with language difficulties struggle with.

curriculum for oral language development
Curriculum For Oral Language Development

This kit builds language skills that are relevant to academic curriculum standards. Help students build listening, speaking, and thinking skills that are relevant to school success with this easy-to-use resource.