Thinking, Listening Skills

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the chatterbugs manual
The Chatterbugs Manual
$79.99, Softcover

A practical, proven program to develop communication skills of attention and listening, turn-taking and early vocabulary in children

childhood speech, language and listening problems, 3ed
Childhood Speech, Language and Listening Problems, 3ed
$29.95, Paperback

Does your child have trouble speaking or listening? This fully revised and updated edition of the essential guide explains what you can do to help.

choices in a jar
Choices in a Jar
$17.95, Jar

Spark lively conversation with dilemma cards that ask you to decide what to do, say, or choose.

colorcards cause and effect
Colorcards Cause and Effect
$65.99, Cards

48 cards illustrating 2-step sequences of day-to-day events. Designed to help develop logical and critical thinking skills

compare & contrast double dice add-on deck with dice
Compare & Contrast Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice
$45.65 Our Price - $38.95 set

Help students identify similarities & differences between specific objects & boost critical thinking & categorising skills, with dice.

compare & contrast double dice deck
Compare & Contrast Double Dice Deck
$33.00 Our Price - $28.95 Cards

Help students identify similarities & differences between specific objects. Also helps boost critical thinking & categorizational skills.

critical thinking quick take along book
Critical Thinking Quick Take Along Book
$24.95 Our Price - $19.75 Spiral Bound

Pocket-sized resource for busy speech pathologists includes: cause & effect, correct the absurdities, exclusion questions

critical thinking- if/then double dice deck
Critical Thinking- If/Then Double Dice Deck
$49.50, Cards

A motivating way for speech-language pathologists to work on the logical-thinking and problem-solving skills that many students with language difficulties struggle with.

curriculum for oral language development
Curriculum For Oral Language Development
$89.95, Kit

This kit builds language skills that are relevant to academic curriculum standards. Help students build listening, speaking, and thinking skills that are relevant to school success with this easy-to-use resource.