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what do you really want?
What Do You Really Want?
$28.95 Our Price - $9.95 Paperback

A a step-by-step guide to goal setting, written especially for teens. Upbeat and inspiring, this book is a must for all teens.

what teens need to succeed
What Teens Need To Succeed
$29.95 Our Price - $14.95 Paperback

1,200+ ideas for building "developmental assets" at home, at school, in your community & with your friends.

what works with teens
What Works with Teens
$91.95, Paperback

Two clinical social workers show educators & counsellors how to engage authentically with teens to create lasting change.

when things get crazy with your teen
When Things get Crazy with your Teen
$36.95, Hardback

Written and presented in a clear, no-nonsense style, this is a quick, practical resource to help anyone who could use a little help with the teens in their life.

wise highs
Wise Highs
$29.95 Our Price - $28.95 Paperback

The best-selling author of How Rude!™ describes more than 150 ways to feel really, really good-naturally, safely, and creatively.

working with aggressive youth
Working with Aggressive Youth

Angry, aggressive, or violent youth threaten the well-being of themselves, other children, and caregivers in any setting, they must learn how to control negative thoughts and emotions without turning to aggressive behaviour.

working with challenging youth
Working with Challenging Youth
$41.99, Paperback

A practical, reader-friendly guide through the pitfalls and problems that arise when working with at-risk youth.