Self Esteem


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banish your body image thief
Banish Your Body Image Thief

Based on CBT & mindfulness principles & techniques and packed with strategies that will help you to build a positive body image.

banish your self-esteem thief
Banish Your Self-Esteem Thief

Build confidence and self-esteem with this fun and effective workbook for young people.

be confident in who you are
Be Confident in Who You Are
$17.95 Our Price - $14.95

Insider information on common tween & teen concerns with practical advice for feeling good about who you are & staying in control

be fit, be strong, be you
Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You

Effective, easy-to-use self-care skills to take control of kids' fitness & diet while developing healthy self-esteem

be seedsational
Be SEEDsational

A great addition to any classroom, with direct links to the Australian Curriculum to help children get involved in eating healthily & living actively.

being me
Being Me

Many kids struggle with low confidence. The good news is, Being Me can help kids tackle everyday challenges and build confidence and self-esteem.

body image workbook for teens
Body Image Workbook for Teens

A practical workbook to help teenage girls to stop comparing themselves to others, silence their inner critic, and build authentic, lasting self-confidence.


Full of tools and techniques for what to say and how to be when having conversations with teenagers, underpinned by the latest research, psychology and neuroscience in adolescent development.

boy in the big blue glasses
Boy in the Big Blue Glasses

Engaging picture-book to help start conversation with a child wearing glasses for the first time.

building everyday leadership in all kids
Building Everyday Leadership in All Kids

Engaging activities make learning the skills and attitudes of teamwork meaningful and fun for primary-age students.

building everyday leadership in all teens, 2ed
Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens, 2ed

The 21 sessions in this youth leadership curriculum guide teens to explore many facets of being a leader in big & small ways.