Teaching Reading


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rave-o toolkit
RAVE-O Toolkit
$1900.00 Our Price - $1495.00

Innovative, intensive, multi-sensory, small group reading intervention for serious reading challenges, particularly fluency & comprehension.

readers front and center
Readers Front and Center

Coveris all aspects of a balanced literacy program in an integrated manner & shows how all components are differentiated to address the needs of diverse learners.

reading and learning difficulties, 2ed
Reading and Learning Difficulties, 2ed

Covers recent initiatives in the teaching of reading, the value of a phonics-based approach & international research around literacy teaching, learning & pedagogy.

reading development and teaching
Reading Development and Teaching

A detailed examination of the processes involved in achieving fluent word reading skills & in comprehending written texts

reading for life
Reading for Life

Make informed decisions about which teaching methods to use. An innovative, fresh look at providing high quality literacy teaching for all

reading for success, book 1
Reading for Success, Book 1

Teacher-directed lessons and independent student activities that focus on 5 key elements of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

reading foundations
Reading Foundations

This book addresses the issue of teaching phonemic and orthographic skills to beginning and struggling readers. Exercises are designed so that they can be used in the classroom, in withdrawal situation and in special classes.

reading freedom 2000
Reading Freedom 2000
$186.65 Our Price - $179.95

The Reading Freedom series is written specifically for students with reading problems (suggested age 8 – Adult). The series is carefully structured to enable students to become independent readers.

reading in the brain
Reading in the Brain
$32.99 Our Price - $29.99

A renowned cognitive neuroscientist's fascinating and highly informative account of how the brain acquires reading.

reading intervention in the primary grades
Reading Intervention in the Primary Grades

Accessible and teacher friendly, this book provides a blueprint for planning, delivering, and evaluating small-group interventions for struggling readers in PreK-2.

the reading intervention toolkit
The Reading Intervention Toolkit
$74.95 Our Price - $69.95

Classroom-tested interventions to use with struggling readers. Includes data collection forms & scaffolds for each intervention

the reading mind
The Reading Mind

A brilliantly crafted, accessible exploration of reading, rooted in contemporary cognitive research

reading skills problem solver
Reading Skills Problem Solver

This practical resource gives classroom teachers and reading specialists everything they need to quickly correct or remediate common reading problems.

reading strategies for elementary students with learning difficulties
Reading Strategies for Elementary Students With Learning Difficulties

Grounded in research-based reading instruction for students with learning difficulties, this resource provides both highly effective strategies that take a moderate investment of time to implement and tested tactics that can be easily implemented.

ready to read
Ready to Read

This concise, accessible guide prepares elementary educators to use the popular multisensory teaching approach to differentiated instruction as they teach the skills that form comprehension.

remediating reading difficulties, 6ed
Remediating Reading Difficulties, 6ed

Defines specific reading skills and problems and then presents practical, easy-to-implement activities and strategies for correcting these problems.


The REWARDS program helps to increase fluency rates, deepen comprehension of informational and content-area texts and increase precision in sentence writing.

rewards intermediate classroom set
REWARDS Intermediate Classroom Set
$392.00 Our Price - $359.95

Teach students a flexible strategy for decoding long words & to increase reading fluency, particularly in content-area passages.

rewards plus science, classroom set. 2nd ed
REWARDS Plus Science, Classroom Set. 2nd Ed
$575.45 Our Price - $549.95

Includes teacher's guide (print + eBook), teacher's licence to online resources and two instructional posters + 10 student books

rewards plus science, student book. 2nd ed
REWARDS Plus Science, Student Book. 2nd Ed

Contains all of the materials a student needs to be successful in applying the decoding and fluency strategy in REWARDS to Science passages.

rewards plus science, teacher's guide
REWARDS Plus Science, Teacher's Guide
$181.00 Our Price - $134.95

Includes lessons, scripts, overhead masters, assessments, practice words lists & poster (Prefixes, Suffixes & Vowels).

rewards plus social studies, classroom set
REWARDS Plus Social Studies, Classroom Set

Includes teacher's guide (print + eBook), teacher's licence to online resources, two instructional posters + 10 student books

rewards secondary classroom set, 3ed
REWARDS Secondary Classroom Set, 3ed

Contains 20 teacher-directed lessons for students who have mastered basic reading skills but who are not accurate or fluent oral readers in grade-level materials.

rti for reading at the secondary level
RTI for Reading at the Secondary Level

Describes RTI procedures specifically tailored to the needs of struggling adolescent learners and that take into account the challenges and logistics of secondary-level implementation.

running records
Running Records

Shows how teachers can use this powerful tool to design lessons that decrease reading difficulties, build on strengths, and stimulate motivation, for self-sustaining learning.