Teaching Reading


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adolescent literacy
Adolescent Literacy

For adolescents, struggles with comprehension are a major obstacle to mastering academic content areas. Help resolve comprehension difficulties with this practical text, developed for use with students in Grades 6-12 with and without disabilities.

angling for words study book
Angling For Words Study Book
$46.95 Our Price - $46.00

A step-by-step approach for learning reading & spelling decoding skills. Study book breaks down language/learning into seven basic levels.

apprenticeship in literacy, 2ed
Apprenticeship in Literacy, 2ed

Coveris all aspects of a balanced literacy program in an integrated manner & shows how all components are differentiated to address the needs of diverse learners.

art and science of teaching primary reading
Art and Science of Teaching Primary Reading

Essential guide to the science behind reading and its practical implications for classroom teaching in primary schools.