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magnetalk cluster reduction clowns
MagneTalk Cluster Reduction Clowns

Take your students to the circus! Students minimize their use of cluster reduction with the greatest of ease with Cluster Reduction Clowns!

magnetalk final consonant deletion dogs
MagneTalk Final Consonant Deletion Dogs
$56.95 Our Price - $54.95

Bow WOW! Here's one doggone good game! Your students will dig working on final consonant deletion with Final Consonant Deletion Dogs magnetic game board.

magnetalk fronting frogs
MagneTalk Fronting Frogs
$57.95 Our Price - $49.95

Eliminating the process of fronting is easy with a little help from the friendly frogs in Fronting Frogs magnetic board game.

magnetalk k sound
MagneTalk K Sound
$50.95 Our Price - $49.95

Kids will think learning the "K" sound is cool with MagneTalk "K" Sound magnetic game board.

marshalla guide
Marshalla Guide

Resource for professional or student speech-language pathologists who want more information about developing the delicate motor coordination of expressive speech.

mini mouth finger puppet
Mini Mouth Finger Puppet

This sturdy, latex mouth puppet helps you show and teach children proper tongue placement by opening and closing the mouth and manipulating the tongue.

multisyllabic words photo cards
Multisyllabic Words Photo Cards
$42.50 Our Price - $39.95

50 colourful photo cards which focus on structured conversation, reading, and fill-in-the blank activities.