Grief and Trauma

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family relationships
Family Relationships

Examines family roles & discusses sensitive issues that may arise in families such as separation, divorce and conflict.

fix-it man
Fix-it man

A poignant picture book that explores how a child and her father rebuild their lives after the loss of her mother.

forever hellos, hard good-byes
Forever Hellos, Hard Good-Byes
$29.95 Our Price - $24.95

For families, friends, classmates, and teachers of affected children and teens; for colleges that offer classes in disability studies; and for doctors and hospitals who want to share hope with their patients.

fostering resilient learners
Fostering Resilient Learners
$51.50 Our Price - $49.95

Explores how trauma disrupts learning & explains how to create a safe space where all students can learn at high levels.

the frog who longed for the moon to smile
The Frog who Longed for the Moon to Smile

A beautifully illustrated storybook for children who yearn for someone they love. In conjunction with the related guidebook, it enables teachers, parents and professionals to recognise the unresolved feelings behind a child's behaviour and to help.

fun games and physical activities to help heal children who hurt
Fun Games and Physical Activities to Help Heal Children Who Hurt

Develop children's brains & bonds with this collection of no-tech games, strategies and activities.