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monica plum's horrid problem
Monica Plum's Horrid Problem

Monica has a horrid problem. It gets into her schoolwork, dreams & ability to make friends.

more creative interventions for troubled children & youth
More Creative Interventions for Troubled Children & Youth

Assessment & intervention to help identify feelings, learn coping strategies, enhance social skills & raise self-esteem.

more what works when with children & adolescents
More What Works When with Children & Adolescents

Additional creative counselling strategies, expanded coverage of developmental applications, 80+ interventions

motivational games and activities for groups
Motivational Games and Activities for Groups

The exercises and activities in this resource will help you to motivate your team or the group with which you are working

my big fat secret
My Big Fat Secret

When Jenna feels sad or mad or stressed out, she starts to eat and she just can't stop! Through Jenna's story, kids will learn how to say goodbye to emotional eating and hello to a healthy lifestyle.