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eating disorders

Eating Disorders


Evidence based guide to support mental health practitioners working with eating disorders

educate to self-regulate

Educate To Self-Regulate


Unlock the secrets to fostering self-regulated learners & equip yourself with the tools...

educating and supporting autistic girls

Educating and Supporting Autistic Girls


Practical guide to support autistic girls with a wealth of strategies, worksheets & act...

the emotional literacy toolkit for adhd

The Emotional Literacy Toolkit for ADHD


An interactive mentoring book to help older children and teens with ADHD develop emotio...

empowering eal learners in secondary schools

Empowering EAL Learners in Secondary Schools


Strategies & resources to ensure teaching is adaptive so that all learners thrive & ful...

essentials of autism spectrum disorders evaluation and assessment

Essentials of Autism Spectrum Disorders Evaluation and As...


Gain an understanding of the most important autism spectrum assessments and evaluation ...

exploring and working with autistic regression

Exploring and Working With Autistic Regression


The first book focusing on autistic regression, including perspectives from autistic ad...

extensive category practice

Extensive Category Practice


Multiple categories on each card allow the instructor many opportunities to teach stude...