The Social Times Curriculum

Age Range: 8 to 13
ISBN: 9781942197270


The Social Times Curriculum: set of books and USB drive

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Kari Dunn Buron

Using a magazine format in full colour and standard columns within each chapter, The Social Times Curriculum is written directly to students in an engaging voice, aimed at teaching social cognition and emotional regulation in an enjoyable way that increases students’ motivation and encourages peer interaction. The Social Times Curriculum set consists of three copies of The Social Times Student Book, one copy of The Social Times Teacher Book, The Social Times Curriculum Guide, and a USB drive with downloadable materials. The Social Times Student Book is also available separately to supplement larger classes.

In each chapter, the main topic focuses on an area of social cognition that individuals across the autism spectrum, or with related social needs, might find confusing. All of the topics offer critical information for how to use social learning with peers and in the community, while making each lesson entertaining and applicable to today’s students. The accompanying USB materials include word searches, crossword puzzles, quizzes, handouts, scales, and additional activities.

Within The Social Times Teacher Book, educators will find expansion topics, ideas for take-home work, benchmarks for the various topics, and tips for sensory activities and additional practice. While the curriculum is targeted toward students ages 8 through 13, The Social Times Teacher Book suggests ways to expand the topics for older students.

The Social Times Curriculum Guide explains the research and emerging neuroscience used in creating the curriculum, as well as how to use each section of the curriculum. By providing information about evidence-based practices and 21st Century Skills, The Social Times Curriculum Guide assists teachers in achieving the social and emotional goals of students with autism spectrum disorders.