Stories with a Message for the Primary School

ISBN: 9781855035898

Stories with a Message for the Primary School

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Rachel Adams

Have you ever struggled to tackle those difficult social and emotional issues that often crop up with your pupils? If the answer is yes, then Stories with a Message is ideal for you.

Each of the 29 photocopiable stories in this resource broaches challenging subjects often faced by today’s children, from bullying to bereavement, in a subtle and non-threatening way.

Accompanying photocopiable question sheets encourage further thought and discussion about the topics covered in each story, whilst avoiding any negative or confrontational reactions that can sometimes be expected when raising these matters.

Stories with a Message is flexible and can be used on an individual, group or whole-class level. Activities fit with PSHE programmes and can fill anything from a ten-minute slot to a whole lesson. Stories can be used pre-emptively or after an incident in order to reaffirm an understanding of what is expected and appropriate.

This book will prove invaluable for any teacher faced with children who need support with social and emotional issues.