Cope Cards for Little Kids
48 pages
ISBN: 9780980391664

Cope Cards for Little Kids: Helping Children to Learn Social and Emotional Problem Solving and Coping Strategies

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Bob Bellhouse, Adrian Osborne Australian author

Being able to solve problems and cope with difficulties are key developmental skills. They are fundamental to developing resilience and autonomy. When children are in their early years, they need the support of adults to develop these skills. Through kindergarten, transition to school and the early years, the sorts of social issues many children are grappling with include:

  • Learning basic social skills like; manners, smiling, welcoming, asking, appreciating
  • Learning about cooperative play; being aware of self and others, sharing and taking turns
  • Learning about fairness and being considerate
  • Learning to follow rules
  • Learning how to be assertive; asking others to stop and how to join in

The Cope Cards for Little Kids have been developed to help scaffold the teaching and learning process. They use soft friendly colours and a friendly 'monkey' character to engage children. They are intended to aid learning by providing a vocabulary; acting as a prompt; and providing a scaffold for thinking.

The cards cover both helpful and unhelpful strategies and come with a comprehensive set of simple activities for use.