Mind on the Job
50 pages
Age Range: 6 to 11
ISBN: 9780992311810

Mind on the Job

$24.95, Softcover
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Deberea Sherlock, Aisling Mulvihill Australian author

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a little ant with floppy antennae! I guess you could say that Im a bit of a daydreamer. I cant keep my mind on the job! I often get distracted and tire easily when doing hard or uninteresting work. Organising my thinking is tricky for me. When this happens, I might not know where or how to start a task. I may make mistakes and leave work unfinished. Others might get cross with me and think that I lack motivation. Its not that I'm lazy; its just that I don't know how to pay attention and stay focused. This is really challenging for me.

By reading this story to a child you are facilitating a conscious knowledge of the skills of attention control. This requires a child to deliberately take control of his or her thinking, listen carefully, sustain mental effort, and maintain a narrow focus to the task, avoiding distraction. Attention control is key to successful engagement in learning tasks. Through Iris we meet a little ant character who experiences difficulty in this area. The impact of this difficulty becomes clear through a sequence of humourous work mishaps. Iris, distracted by her daydreams, makes a number of careless mistakes. Luckily the ever-helpful Hoppy Ant steps in to guide the learning of skills necessary to overcome these difficulties. Children will enjoy this insightful story as they are introduced to the skills of attention control.

Each book has explanatory notes for both parents and professionals, these clearly outline the rational for each new skill and the 'how to' in teaching the skill. At keypoints throughout each story, there are helpful hints to prompt discussion that guide the adult-child conversation.