The Ant Patrol Complete Series

Age Range: 5 to 11
ISBN: 9780992311865

The Ant Patrol Complete Series: Supporting social and emotional development

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Deberea Sherlock, Aisling Mulvihill Australian author

The Ant Patrol is marching into town, with strict orders to capture the attention of parents, teachers and children alike. An engaging series of six colourful and interactive books, The Ant Patrol Children's Stories have one mission; to teach school children valuable skills for life and learning in a new, exciting and fun- loving format.

  • The first book titled Stay in Line, introduces energetic Alfie, a little ant whose antennae are wired.
  • Mind on the Job features Iris who has a pair of floppy antennae and is easily distracted.
  • In Pick your Moment we meet Hugo who finds it tricky to tune into others and always gets his antennae in a twist.
  • In Name of the Game we bump into Me-Me who thinks its all about her.
  • Seeing Red features Felix the Fire-Ant who has difficulty controlling his anger and often loses his temper.
  • Lastly, Fear Factor stars timid Wilbur who worries too much and has a set of quivering antennae.

With the help of Hoppy, a wise and kind ant, the characters are taught new skills that help them cope better, whether to be less bouncy, more attentive, socially aware, braver or calmer.

Each book has explanatory notes for both parents and professionals, these clearly outline the rational for each new skill and the 'how to' in teaching the skill. At key points throughout each story, there are helpful hints to prompt discussion that guide the adult-child conversation.

Consider the books your modern day Aesop fables for any mother, father or teacher, looking for a new approach to assist their child or student in tackling everyday challenges. Adults and kids who meet these adorable, quirky and amicable characters will find their relatable personalities irresistibly charming. The Ant Patrol troops are ready to positively guide children with a new way of thinking.




the ant patrol complete series
Supporting social and emotional development
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mind on the job
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name of the game
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pick your moment
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