Leading And Managing A Differentiated Classroom
188 pages
ISBN: 9781416610748

Leading And Managing A Differentiated Classroom

$49.95, Paperback
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Marcia B Imbeau, Carol Ann Tomlinson

While most books on classroom management focus on keeping kids in their seats and giving good directions, here is a breakthrough guide that explains how to lead a class that is differentiated to individual students’ needs.

The top authority on differentiated instruction, Carol Ann Tomlinson, teams up with educator and consultant Marcia B. Imbeau to outfit you with everything you need to deal with time, space, materials, groups, and strategies in ways that balance content requirements with multiple pathways for learning. Using authentic and tested examples from all grade levels and subjects, the authors explain

How to set up and orchestrate a classroom in which students work as a whole group, as small groups, and as individuals.

What teachers in successfully differentiated classrooms must create, monitor, and modify in order to support the best possible learning outcome for each student.

How to proactively plan instruction to address student differences in readiness, interest, and learning profile.

How to move differentiation from an abstract idea in a professional development session to a fundamental way of life in the classroom.

Step-by-step guidelines, checklists, and a Teacher’s Toolkit with ready-made classroom activities ensure that you master the nuts and bolts of managing a student-centred classroom—from creating the learning environment and classroom routines to challenging advanced learners and buying time for struggling students.