Clinical Interviewing, 5th Edition
624 pages
ISBN: 9781119084235


Clinical Interviewing, 5th Edition

$128.95, Softcover
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John Sommers-Flanagan, Rita Sommers-Flanagan

Clinical Interviewing, Fifth Edition blends a personal and easy-to-read style with a unique emphasis on both the scientific basis and interpersonal aspects of mental health interviewing. It guides clinicians through elementary listening and counseling skills onward to more advanced, complex clinical assessment processes, such as intake interviewing, mental status examination, and suicide assessment. Fully revised, the fifth edition shines a brighter spotlight on the development of a multicultural orientation, the three principles of multicultural competency, collaborative goal-setting, the nature and process of working in crisis situations, and other key topics that will prepare you to enter your field with confidence, competence, and sensitivity. Included with this text is an access code for the Video Resource Center that features commentary from the authors, as well as counseling demonstrations that show what clinical interviewing skills look like in different environments and with a range of clients.

Effective interviewing skills will serve to support your career for decades to come, and will help you to accurately diagnose your clients while earning their trust and creating an environment in which they feel safe and open to discussion. In Clinical Interviewing, Fifth Edition you’ll find:

  • DSM-5™ content emphasizing case formulation and treatment planning
  • A greater emphasis on collaborative goal setting and the client as expert
  • New discussion on multicultural counseling, orientation, and competency
  • Research supporting evidence-based relationships
  • Coverage of assessment and interviewing via e-mail, telephone, texting, instant messaging, and online chatting
  • Structured protocol for conducting a face-to-face, telephone, or video conferencing/Skype mental status examination interview

Clinical Interviewing, Fifth Edition is a valuable resource that will lead you through the art of interviewing diverse clients.