Empowering Teen Peers to Prevent Bullying
194 pages
ISBN: 9780878226641

Empowering Teen Peers to Prevent Bullying: The Bully Busters Program for High School

$83.00, Softcover (inc CD)
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Arthur M Horne, Amy Nitza, Brian F Dobias, David L Jolliff, Katherine A Raczynski, William Voors

In this school wide program, older students undergo intensive training to enable them to become peer leaders of lively and informative small-group sessions for younger students. Through group participation, younger students learn important relationship skills and have the opportunity to share their concerns about communication, relational aggression, dating issues, cyberbullying, acceptance, and other challenges. Both older and younger students benefit by building cross-age connections, breaking up cliques, and fostering tolerance of individual differences.

Part 1: Program Content and Implementation provides a thorough overview and discussion of program principles, offers guidance for organising and getting started, and discusses program evaluation.

Part 2: Peer Leader Selection and Training includes suggestions for peer leader selection and details procedures for 12 training modules, plus team-building activities to help prospective peer leaders develop group cohesion.

Part 3: Facilitator’s Overview of the Peer Leader Guide provides background, commentary, and suggestions for helping peer leaders be good role models and conduct the group activities described in the Peer Leader Guide.

The CD included in this book provides a complete copy of the Peer Leader Guide, plus additional forms, handouts, and all other materials required to run the program.