Friendly Facts
75 pages
Age Range: 7 to 11
ISBN: 9781934575611

Friendly Facts: A Fun, Interactive Resource to Help Children Explore the Complexities of Friends and Friendship

$60.95, Softcover
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Margaret-Anne Carter, Josie Santomauro Australian author

Making and keeping friends doesn't come easy for children with autism spectrum disorders. Many children need to be taught a range of strategies directed at expanding their social understanding skills, such as reading facial expressions and body language.

Friendly Facts, an interactive workbook aimed at children ages 7-11, addresses these challenges by breaking down the complex concept of making friends into simpler ideas. Through fun, engaging activities, children gain real-life knowledge of the major "secrets" of making and keeping friends.

By gaining the foundation for making and keeping friends at a crucial age, children are better prepared for successfully interacting with others for the rest of their lives.