Psychiatric Disorders
184 pages
ISBN: 9781412968768

Psychiatric Disorders: Current Topics and Interventions for Educators

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Paul C McCabe, Steven R Shaw

Increasingly, educators are called upon to address children's medical as well as mental health needs within the school setting. Based on a critical review of current research, this concise, highly practical volume outlines the most relevant psychiatric health issues for educators today.

Written for school psychologists, counsellors, administrators, and teachers, this easy-to-understand resource covers:

  • neuropsychiatric conditions that commonly affect children, including Tourette syndrome, bipolar/mood disorders, and anxiety disorder;
  • psychopharmacology, including the use of atypical antipsychotics and autism, the treatment of tardive dyskinesia in children, the medical management of ADHD, polypharmacy prescription practice, and side effects of common health medications;
  • dietary control and supplement use that includes dietary treatments for autism, identification and treatment of eating disorders, and use of steroids in adolescence.

A joint publication with the National Association of School Psychologists.