Positive Behavior Support at the Secondary Targeted Group Level: Yellow Zone Strategies

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Laura A Riffel, Melinda Mitchiner

  • Positive Behavior Support at the Secondary Targeted Group Level

208 pages
ISBN: 9781483316789

Research on positive behaviour support has focused largely on tier one, school-wide disciplinary policies, and tier three interventions tailored to highly problematic students. This leaves a gap in the middle. "Yellow zone", or tier two, interventions are an extremely effective way to address many challenging behaviour and disciplinary issues in small group settings.

Positive Behaviour Support at the Secondary "Targeted Group" Level shows teachers how to identify the students who can benefit from tier two interventions and demonstrates how to create an implementation plan that delivers results. Focusing on proactive strategies rather than reactive solutions, Riffel and Mitchiner's research-based techniques include:

  • General strategies that can be applied at the individual student level, such as self-management, proximity control, and the Premack principle and peer mentoring
  • Comprehensive action plans that anticipate the full range of disruptions that may occur
  • A useful behaviour rating sheet proven effective in improving student behaviour
  • "Funk Sway" For The Classroom: Using Feng Shui principles to create a classroom environment that enhances productivity, learning, and creativity

Apply the techniques in this book to reduce challenging behaviour, improve school climate, and improve outcomes for ALL students.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Increasting Structure and Predictability in the Classroom Through Behavior Management
  3. Which Came First: The Behavior or the Academic Struggle?
  4. Which Students Need Booster Shots?
  5. What Do You Do With the Students Swinging From the Chandeliers?
  6. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail: What Are Your Lines of Defense?
  7. How Do You Get Students to Prefer Good Behavior?
  8. How Do You Engage and Connect With Students?
  9. How Do You Get "Funk Sway" in the Classroom?
  10. Why Is Change So Hard?
  11. How Do We Change the Consequences?
  12. What Are Function-Based Interventions?
  13. How Do I Follow the Navigational Map?
  14. Sample Intervention Forms