Playing With P

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Lucy Sanctuary

  • Playing With P
  • Playing With P
    A practical resource to help young children or those with learning difficulties to say P in their talking.

Age Range: 3 to 7
ISBN: 9780863889158

This comprehensive resource presents activities, games and ideas to support the development of speech sounds in children aged 3-7 (or older if the child has learning difficulties).

The book is divided into five sections:

  • Single sounds - p
  • Short words -consonant + vowel, e.g., pea, pear, pie
  • Longer words – consonant + vowel : consonant, eg., purse, peach, pin
  • Even longer words – consonant + vowel + consonant + vowel, e.g., pepper, poppy, paper
  • Using words in sentences.

Each section provides the opportunity for the child to hear the speech sound in isolation and in words before they try to say it (ie receptive and expressive activities).


  • Different activities to practise listening and saying the target sound/word
  • Drilling games – i.e. the opportunity to hear the speech sound in isolation and in words and to say them in increasingly challenging sequences in a game format.
  • Games that can be played with the picture cards of the words the child is working on.
  • An auditory bombardment section composed of funny rhymes containing the words the child has been working on in the section.

This flexible resource is interactive and aims to make speech sound work enjoyable, memorable and fun.