Person-Centered Approaches for Counselors

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Jeffrey H D Cornelius-White

  • Person-Centered Approaches for Counselors

112 pages
ISBN: 9781452277721

Integrating common factors research and practice, Person-Centered Approaches for Counselors highlights the deep social justice roots of the approaches and shows counsellors in training and experienced therapists how to integrate person-centred process and outcome measures to improve therapy outcomes. For each of the person-centred approaches covered (including classical, focusing, emotion-focused, inter-subjective, and interdisciplinary orientations) this accessible book covers historical development, theory, process, evaluation, and application.

Key Features:

  • A concise, conversational approach speaks directly to graduate students’ concerns and makes key information easy to understand and apply.
  • Transcripts of actual counselling sessions and scenarios of different client responses bring theories to life.
  • A common factors approach to therapy is integrated into every section, providing compelling evidence and practical suggestions for improving training and practice.
  • The final chapter discusses future developments in the field.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Therapist in Relationship

  • Therapist and Relationship Factors
  • The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
  • Summary

Chapter 2: Client

  • Contact, Incongruence, and Perception
  • Client-Directed, Outcome Informed, Client Hero
  • Actualizing Tendency
  • Nondirective Attitude
  • Conclusion
  • Summary

Chapter 3: Evolution of the Person-Centered Approach

  • Classical Client-Centered or Nondirective Therapy
  • Focusing
  • Intersubjectivity
  • Experiential, Emotion-Focused
  • Interdisciplinary Research and Practice
  • The Futurism of the Person-Centered Approach and Its Implications
  • Summary

Chapter 4: Multiculturalism

  • Central Concepts in Multicultural Counseling Competence
  • Understanding Client’s Worldview: Cultural Elements to Empathy
  • Culturally Appropriate Interventions and Unconditional Positive Regard
  • Social Justice Advocacy Competencies
  • History of Multiculturalism and the Person-Centered Approach
  • Ethical and Religious Concepts and the Person-Centered Approach
  • The Paradox: A Universal System of Adaptability to Differences
  • Summary

Chapter 5: A Case Illustration of Person-Centered Counseling

  • Deena
  • Casey
  • Session One: First Encounter
  • Session Two: Scared, Really Scared
  • Session Three: Some Relief
  • Session Four: A Possible Misunderstanding
  • Session Five: Nonstop Talker
  • Session Six: I Miss My Mom, Bad. She Was a Bitch to Deal With
  • Session Seven: Talkative Again
  • Sessions Eight and Nine: No Show
  • Questions for Your Consideration
  • Summary

Chapter 6: Conclusion

  • PCA Is Love
  • Courageous, Compassionate Confrontation
  • Perception
  • Linking the Relational and the Client Conditions
  • It Figures
  • Understand, Verify You Understand, and Improve
  • Power Within, Power With, Power Over
  • The Ever-Reaching Actualization Process: Give and Receive
  • Summary