No Room for Bullies, Lesson Plans For Grades 5-8: Activities that Address Bullying by Teaching Social Skills and Problem Solving to Students

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Kim Yeutter-Brammer, Susan Lamke, Jo C Dillon, Matthew J Minturn, Alesia K Montgomery, Kristina Krause

  • No Room for Bullies, Lesson Plans For Grades 5-8

112 pages
Age Range: 10 to 14
ISBN: 9781934490334

Take a proactive approach to bullying at your middle school. Solve issues related to bullying by teaching social skills and presenting several problem-solving methods to victims and perpetrators of bullying, as well as the bystanders. Students will learn and practice new social skills specific to their situation, such as showing empathy, making an apology, resisting negative peer pressure, or making friends. Content covers bullying at school as well as cyberbullying. There are tips for teachers and administrators for working with parents when bullying incidents occur.

An enclosed CD allows making copies of the worksheets, handouts and social skill posters included in the lessons. The more than thirty lesson plans and tips for teachers and administrators offered represent the collaborative effort of individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of education, parent training, and family development. The authors combine the real issues regarding bullying with social skills and strategies developed for the Boys Town Education Model which has been successfully incorporated and used in public and private school systems.

"With advice on training students in dealing with many situations of bullying from name calling to sexual harassment, "No Room for Bullies: Lesson Plans for Grades 5-8" is a vital resource for teachers and educational administrators, not to be overlooked."
- Midwest Book Review, The Education Shelf