In a Jar products discontinued

Wednesday 1st December 2021

Due to ongoing supply issues, Free Spirit Publishing have decided to discontinue their popular In a Jar product range.

This is our first, but probably not the last, casualty of the ongoing supply chain issues which have been plaguing most of our publishers since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. International air freight has been devastated as the world stopped flying and the knock-on increase in demand for sea freight (exacerbated by us all shopping online) has meant there are not enough ships to move all the cargo now needing to move by sea. Add in regular local lockdowns, staff shortages and increased regulation and the inevitable consequence is more delays and big freight cost rises. For some products there comes a point where all that extra cost, delay and hassle is just no longer worth it.

Silvereye has decent stock levels of some of the In a Jar products so they will still be available on our website until we run out.

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