Northern Beaches Lockdown

Saturday 19th December 2020

We operate from the Sydney Northern Beaches area and are currently in lockdown. Our team are mostly working from home but we re-opened on 4th January with limited staffing to receive deliveries and dispatch orders.

There have been a lot of delays with stock coming in from overseas in the lead up to Christmas. This has been a running theme since the coronavirus crisis took hold but after a period of relative stability things have got markedly worse in the last few week with no stock at all coming in from the US since mid November due to severe limitations on air freight capacity. It is now unlikely that we will receive any airfreight until early in the new year.

To mitigate these delays we are also bringing stock in by sea freight. Our next shipment is due to arrive in early January but there are also delays with sea freight due to capacity issues.

The worsening situation in the UK and USA is also causing delays. High Covid-19 case numbers and local restrictions mean that some of our suppliers are really struggling with staffing levels and operational constraints. For example, one of our main UK suppliers recently took 4 (four!) weeks to pack our order instead of the usual few days.

In the face of all these issues we are doing our absolute best to keep things moving and to keep a smile on our faces when customers complain of delays in getting their orders. We understand the frustration because we are living it every day!

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