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2nd Edition

New Teacher's Survival Guide to Behaviour, 2ed

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Sue Roffey

  • New Teacher's Survival Guide to Behaviour, 2ed

160 pages
Interest Age: 7 to 18
ISBN: 9781849207447

This book is about you: you in your new role, you as a complex person with strengths and needs Ð just like your students. It is about the way you think of yourself as well as the children and young people you teach and how you build the relationships you need to have. You have exactly the same issues as your pupils in many ways Ð pressure to ÔperformÕ, issues of control, how to get the maximum amount of satisfaction out of your days, and how to make experiences meaningful and worthwhile.

This book has been written so that as a new teacher, you might have the best possible chance of being motivated to stay in education, fully involved and passionate about the difference you can make for your pupils and their future. Here you will find suggestions about ways of being in school that enable you to enjoy the interaction both with the students you teach and also with the colleagues who support you.

These include:

¥ getting and maintaining credibility in your new role

¥ putting respect into operation

¥ developing student self-awareness and self-control

¥ being aware of and promoting a positive emotional climate in your classroom

¥ dealing with conflict and confrontation in ways which do not undermine your sense of self and purpose

¥ seeing difficulties as part of the challenge, not the reason to fear coming through the school gates.

New to this second edition are:

¥ the latest research developments in resilience, wellbeing, positive psychology and teacher-student relationships;

¥ reference to the Every Child Matters (ECM) agenda and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) in the UK, and the Values Education and Safe Schools Framework in Australia

¥ the views, and voice, of the child; - quotes and reflections from Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

¥ consideration of the UK Professional Standards for teachers

¥ interactive exercises

Suitable for new teachers in both primary and secondary schools working with children and young people aged 7 to 18, this book will also offer more experienced teachers a helpful reminder of what good behaviour management looks like, and what it can achieve. It will help you get the best out of every child or young person in your classroom, and the best out of yourself as a teacher.

Table of Contents


You as a Teacher

You and Your Resources

You and Your Class

You and Your School

You and the Community

You and Your Biggest Challenges

¥ Thinking about Students with Challenging Behaviour Ê

¥ The Learning and Behaviour Connection Ê

¥ Taking Action Ê

¥ Following through Ê

¥ Your Own Survival Ê

Summary and Useful Resources